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Every time I visit Guanacaste I feel the same way. I have a great time, I smile like a few time I do, sleep literately like a baby, and the food… it tastes a lot better in front of the sea, even if it is just canned tuna mixed with mayonnaise.

Perhaps it is the fullness feeling that for me it is hard to get in the city, in the middle of the crowd and the traffic chaos. However, most of my friends and family live close to San José so this is the best argument, after all, to stay here… Where almost nothing is missing.

Once, in the afternoon, I was going back to San José. It was around 5:40 pm and on my way, it came up a bright red in the sky… it looked like one of the best sunsets in Guanacaste.

You could see a painting right there, on one side cattle grazing on the open field and on the other side the peak of a mountain… Sun was hiding in front of me.

Roca Bruja beach in Santa Rosa, Guanacaste

Suddenly, this nostalgic feeling comes up… just like when you are leaving something you love, and in a few hours will became just a memory. Nothing more.

What I mean is that when something is ephemeral, that I cannot live it every day, but on an occasional way when I can go to the beach.

That´s how this question came up to my mind: Will live by the beach make me happier?

I mean… it makes sense. I could watch the sunsets in front of the beach every day, listen to the waves and sleep like a few times I am able to.

I do not expect to happen now though. I can work hard for a few years, and then focus my efforts towards to settle down near the beach.

Thanks to GOPlaya I´ve met hundreds of places and I have on the top of my head some beach towns I would prefer for living: Conchal, Junquillal or Santa Teresa.

Suddenly, I recall a phrase my uncle used to say. And this phrase actually contradicts everything I just said… Now I decide to think about it…

He said that when the special things become routine, they lose their magic. So even the amazing sunsets will not surprise me anymore, mosquitoes will bite me and heat will make me crazy. In other words, I will regret.

Later I remembered my trip to Esperanza in Golfito. An unspoiled and unknown spot where you only can get there by boat, 10 minutes sail from the coast.

Esperanza beach in Golfito.

In the middle of the calm waters, there was a small shack made of wood. A man lived there all alone, his neighbors’: the monkeys… nature in all its glory.

On our way to Barco Quebrado, we saw a girl playing with the water of a clear tide pool. It was a lonely place too; I am sure she was surprised of see me there.

The man and the girl were happy. Far away from the rest of the people, they lived in peace.

I could get out this idea of my head for a while, then I decide to look for theories about happiness. I mean…the basics. Just typing in Google “happiness”, I saw dozens of reasons to be happy. Tons of scientific research that show how to reach fullness.

After many articles read, I keep the following basic and interesting arguments:

  1. You need to appraise the small things in life to be happy
  2. Do not push yourself nor make a storm in a teacup.
  3. Smile frequently and do not let negative thoughts control you

If I apply these three concepts on a daily basis it is probably I can reach happiness no matter where I get it or when… but if I apply them at the beach, it is possible I feel a lot better (just a hypothesis).

If I appraise the small things like the sound of the sea, waves, nice landscapes and sunsets, I will enjoy as never before.

If I live peaceful in a quiet and unique place, maybe I will smile more frequently.

It really sounds great to live at the beach. After all, I enjoy there more than elsewhere… Would you do it?