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GOPlaya explored this still virgin area, visited four secret beaches and uncovered the most hidden face of Guanacaste.

The journey is challenging. No one said it would be easy to go through all of Guanacaste to the Nicaraguan border. Almost five hours of travel from San Jose, 277 kilometers drive and the expectation to exploring the beach essence of La Cruz.

When all you can see is cattle on the horizon and the road seems endless, you inevitably wonder if it’s worth the ‘long’ driving. I just took my car out of the workshop and drove to my beach destination, which was far away and mysterious.

I wonder if Rajada will be as beautiful as the adventurers told. Those who were captivated by the white sand of the beach, as clean as it is desolate.

Rajada beach, La Cruz, Guanacaste. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

GOPlaya.cr explored the area of La Cruz, on a tour that took us to four unknown beaches, the most hidden face of Guanacaste.

Perhaps it took me some time to realize that it is precisely the mix of adventure and mystery that makes this place so attractive. Visited by just a few and much less developed than Tamarindo, El Coco or Nosara.

It is rather hidden; with enormous lands, without big buildings, and an environment that resembles more to a charming and simple town, of which they are already uncommon.

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The challenge may be to explore an area that still goes unnoticed by many, but that shelters beautiful beaches. On this journey, the mission is to visit Rajada and Rajadita, hidden and famous spots that do not stop falling visitors in love.

Here it still seems that time walks slowly. The breeze refreshes, but it doesn’t hit so hard. Depending on the time of year, the wind can be an uncomfortable companion.

Anyway, Rajada is protected by a mountain that allows the wind to feel less than in other spots in the area. In Copal beach (10 minutes away), for example, the situation is totally different.

A. Rajada beach. B. Rajadita beach. C. Copal beach.

Dozens of foreigners visit it to practice ‘kite surfing’, an extreme sport that consists of moving around the sea with the help of a kite that is boosted by the wind. In the surroundings of this beach there are academies that offer classes.

Nearby there is another similar beach. It is called ‘Papaturros’ (like the character from the TV series San Buenaventura, but with the ‘s’ at the end).

We just got to know it, very quickly. We didn’t want to miss the ‘main course’ of the walk and, in short, the best beaches in the area.

On the way to Rajada, there is a small town with a mini-supermarket, two small hotels and a street leading to a condominium. It is like a ‘small neighborhood’ located 25 minutes from downtown La Cruz.

We bought a juice and a biscuit and continued our journey until we arrived to Rajada, the first of the two beaches that motivated this trip.

It is long and beautiful, just as I dreamed it; the sand is white and the sea is crystal clear. The waves may increase according to the season, but in summer the waves are minimal.

Rajada beach, La Cruz, Guanacaste. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

Dozens of trees surround the beach from side to side and offer shade. An islet can be seen in the distance, an additional ‘decoration’ for a charming beach.

The locals say that, from time to time, the tail of a humpback whale along with its calf is seen in the distance.

I just noticed something different at this beach, nothing to worry.

The water is less warm than in the rest of Guanacaste. This is no excuse for families and children who enjoy the sea, swim quietly near the shore and smile with the good weather the day gave them.

Rajadita hides next to Rajada. It is not easy to know this destination, which can only be reached at low tide from Rajada.

Why? Basically you will have to walk to the left end of Rajada, where you will find some rocks that cover the pass.

Rajadita beach, La Cruz, Guanacaste. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

It is a good idea to take a pair of tennis shoes with you so that you can overcome these stones. A 15-minute walk is waiting for you (it’s a bit uncomfortable, I’m not lying).

When you overcome the obstacle, you will find the beach. It is small, beautiful, clean and also has its own style, a beautiful islet is ‘parked’ just in front.

The sea is much more crystalline than in its neighboring beach and the waves are barely perceptible.

Rajadita beach, La Cruz, Guanacaste. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

La Cruz has its own magic, a special charm with hints of wild and revealing, as if there was still much to discover out there.


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