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The passion of travel generates everything, exaltation, expectation, joy. But after visiting so many beaches, Papagayo Gulf gave me a special feeling.

I don’t like to get up early in the morning, I admit it. It’s been like that since I was a child. My parents struggled to get me out of bed, even though they recognize that there was always an exception to the rule: a trip to the beach.

It happened before and it is repeated now: I am awake early after dreaming a lot. And of course! A route of virgin beaches awaits me at Papagayo Gulf.

The passion of travel generates everything, exaltation, expectation, joy. But after visiting so many beaches, Papagayo Gulf gave me a special feeling. That place was expected to be unique. It would be enough to get on the boat to appreciate a lonely beauty.

The calm and solitary sea offers a magical synergy when combines islets, unknown beaches and marine species. I have seen turtles and dolphins, but on this trip they surprised me even more (I´ll tell you about it shortly).

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Guacamaya beach, Costa Rica. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

I took the boat at El Coco beach, after a light breakfast, pinto with eggs, sour cream (healthy as always) and an orange juice. The route pointed to six destinations, but in this article I’m going to focus on three: Guacamaya, Guacamayita and Manzanillo. Did you ever hear about them yet?

They’re incredible! The thing is that I got on the boat, put on my life jacket on and started the journey; Bryan, our guide, warned me from the beginning: ‘Stay alert because the events of the journey can take you by surprise’.

Basically, the beach is the last stop of a great trip, in which beauty multiplies through the mountainous landscapes, and the amazing manta ray that appeared on the way. ‘How lucky’, I thought. I had just left the coast and had my first surprise.

After a while, about 30 minutes, and a couple of pieces of pineapple, we found the first beach: Guacamayita.
Small and crystalline, as beautiful as it is hidden. This small beach of light grey sand offers a calm sea, perfect for snorkeling and bathing. There is nothing like being in a desolate and virgin spot, with shade on one side.

There, in the midst of loneliness, I remembered the time I visited Isla Tortuga with my parents, that sea was crystal clear and multicolored.

Guacamayita beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

In fact, it still is. Perhaps, the difference is that this time I made the trip with my best friend Carlos, who rushed down the boat and flew the drone to capture the beauty of Guacamayita from the heights.

It turns out that Carlos is a ‘potential pilot’ (you’ll notice in the photos), even though the drone almost ‘crashes’ once. But everything is fine, it’s still working.

The good thing is that the drone offers a unique view of the beach, clean and beautiful, which perfectly reflects the beauty of Papagayo Gulf.

The other good news is that we enjoy it at low tide.

After having a good time in Guacamayita, we moved a few meters to get to know Guacamaya. It probably sounds logical, but the main difference between this beach and the other is just the size.

Guacamaya is a long spot, very nice for a good walk. There is also shade and a calm swell, you can perfectly hear the light sound of the waves when it rubs against your feet.

We were getting ready to board the boat again to get to know the third destination, when ‘Guacamayo’ appeared. Yes, on a virgin and captivating beach we were approached by a nice dog, which we named that way.

Guacamaya beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

He was in good shape and not hungry. It run away from its owner for a few minutes to greet us. For a moment I thought that Guacamayo was so lucky to live in that magical place.

I thought maybe he would get up early, run around the beach, sunbathe for a while, and then lie down under the trees shade.

We said goodbye to our new friend to go to the third spot of the day: Manzanillo.

Manzanillo beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

Unlike the other two beaches, in this spot the sand mixes white with gray, offers a moderate swell and shade on the shore.

The waves are not suitable for surfing and, on the contrary, it is a beach that lends itself to swimming for a while and resting in silence.

It is beautiful and solitary, like its neighbor beaches. The area to which these beaches belong is called Culebra Bay, which is part of the Papagayo Gulf.

The ride is magical. Three unbelievable beaches… and there are another two, the road continues, I will tell you about it in the next blog. For now, don’t forget that first and foremost is your safety and your family´s.

If you want to enjoy an incredible trip on the beach, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) invites you to follow the recommendations below:

1. If you don’t know how to swim, be cautious while you are in the water.

2. Never swim alone.

3. Always assume the existence of rip currents and learn to identify them. In the following article we show you how:

4. In case of being caught by a current follow these instructions:

-Stay calm

-Do not fight against the current, swim perpendicularly or in parallel line to the shore.

-If you can’t swim because the current is too strong, stay afloat and when the current gives way, swim to the shore.

5. Use sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

6. Don’t neglect your belongings.