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Punta Uva belongs to Talamanca in Limón and is part of Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

I remember like it was yesterday when I visited Punta Uva for the first time. My very first thought was: how is it possible that I´ve lost 20 years of my life without knowing this mystic destiny.

It happens to me very often, I mean it. Every time I visit an exceptional beach, the big question arises: How many more beaches am I missing?

Punta Uva beach in Talamanca, Limón. GOPlaya.

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And then Trip Advisor comes with its list of the world’s best beaches and ranks Punta Uva in the 24th place, after evaluating the ratings and comments generated by millions of users around the world.

When I talk about beaches in our country I prefer not to be modest. From Rajada in Salinas Bay, passing by Dantita, Quesera and San Josecito in the South Zone of Costa Rica. In every corner there is a spot with its unique beauty.

So how did Punta Uva get in? and even beat so many other destinations?

First I want to say that Punta Uva is the closest thing to the word ‘exotic’, even more between September and October, when you can appreciate the summer in Limon.

Punta Uva beach. GOPlaya.

Punta Uva belongs to Talamanca in Limón and is part of Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

The soul of this place is that it perfectly recreates the essence of the Tico Caribbean. The sand has that golden Caribbean touch and the coast is adorned with palm trees and trees that lay down on the beach.

Heavy storms that hit Limón caused the palm trees to lean almost to the ground.

During summer, the sea is warm and calm, with no waves. And the water is so crystalline that you can see the rocks under the water.

It has stone on both sides, which is where couples usually sit down to rest and appreciate the scenery.

At the southern side you´ll find this amazing lookout point that can only be reached in summer. Thick roots of the trees will show you the path to hike until reaching the top.

Punta Uva portrays how extraordinary Limón is; different, unique, exotic. One of the top 25 beaches in the world.

José Pablo Alfaro

José Pablo Alfaro

Journalist and nature lover. He likes boat trips, walking through trails and living natural experiences.