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It is priceless to look at a shoal of multicolored fish that moves only meters away, in a sensation that turns into a drug.

The first dive you do really marks life forever. It is as if the sea, so deep and mysterious, is in charge of showing an unknown and primitive face, capable of awakening the senses and opening the eyes to look at another world.

I was in El Coco when I dared to dive 60 feet underwater to discover ‘that other world’ that is hidden in the bowels of Guanacaste; colorful and unexpected. Silent and relaxing.

It is priceless to look at a shoal of multicolored fish that moves only meters away, in a sensation that turns into a drug. If you dive once, I guarantee that you will continue to do so for the rest of your days, as an addiction that feeds the desire to discover, to know and explore.

And in Costa Rica there are spots that make you fall in love, I guarantee it. So before I list all the reasons why you should learn to dive in 2019, I have some good news: GOPlaya.cr joined the academy Dive Costa Rica to raffle two diving courses ‘Discovery Scuba Diving’.

What does it include? Theory class, pool class, pool entrance fees, two sea dives, certified instructor, special diving boat, guide, snack on board and acknowledgement of participation.

As with any raffle, you may not be the lucky winner, and we really want you to be encouraged and learn to dive, so we developed an agreement that will allow you to receive a discount on Dive Costa Rica to receive any of the courses. Just call 2239-5544 and reserve your space.

You can also go to dive-cr.com and receive much more information.

If you’re still thinking about it, here are five reasons to encourage you to learn to dive in Costa Rica. I’ve had to live it, so I can attest that when you come out of the sea, your outlook on life will take a radical turn.

1. Relaxation.

Diving is a relaxation therapy. When you are in the water, the mind focuses on looking carefully and discovering everything that is appreciated in the sea, in a state of total silence.

Silence captivates. It is as if the body only wants to know and to know, to look and to look. Agustín Ruiz, medical director of the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities, explained to the website Panorama that the essence of diving is precisely the calmness and serenity to which the body and mind are exposed.

2. Contact with nature creates awareness

Contact with marine life remains in the retina and brain. It is discovering something that until recently was only watched on television. It is one thing to see an animal on land and quite another to feel it under water.

A natural link is created between marine species and the human being, in a synergy that captures. I will never forget those goldfish, or the first time an octopus appeared under a stone.

It really creates awareness about everything incredible that hides under the water, as if after leaving there were willing to take care, in every possible way, the habitat that is sheltered there.

3. There is no age or physical condition.

Don’t worry, there is no age for diving. The second time I went diving, this time to Punta Uva in Limón, I had to share with a lady of almost 70 years old and she made it incredible, with an exquisite technique that allowed her to get the best of her oxygen tank and take advantage of the experience to the maximum.

Contrary to what many people think, one of the secrets to good diving is to move your feet delicately (it’s not swimming, it’s just moving your feet), so that you don’t need to shake to move underwater.

4. It’s not routine

At every destination, and even at the same destination, I can assure you that you never see the same thing. The experience is enriching because the element of surprise is not lost under any circumstances.

The sea is so big and magical that you never get to know it.

And Costa Rica is incredible. You can learn in El Coco, then visit Isla del Caño (paradise), aspire to visit the Murciélago Islands and dream of Isla del Coco, one of the best spots in the world.

It really marks life.

What does the contest consist of?

Very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Follow the Facebook accounts of GOPlaya and Dive Costa Rica.

2. Share in your profile the publication about the contest that took place in our Facebook account.

3. In the comments of that publication tag the person who would like to join you in this experience.

What is the prize?

Discovery Scuba Diving Tour for two people that includes:

1. A 3 hour theory class where the participant will understand everything related to scuba diving.

2. A pool class where the participant will be able to use the complete diving equipment to learn certain special techniques to enter for the first time into the underwater world.

3. Entrances to the swimming pool (private pool, indoor, heated water with parking)

4. 2 dives in the sea

5. Certified Instructor

6. Complete diving equipment for swimming pool and sea.

7. Special boat for diving

8. Captain

9. Diving Guide

10. Snack on board

11. Recognition of participation by DIVE COSTA RICA

12. The participant will have DAN diving insurance in case of decompression accident (https://www.diversalertnetwork.org/).

When will the raffle take place?

The contest began on Friday, January 7, and you can join until February 7. On that day there will be a raffle for the Discovery Scuba Diving tour for two people.

Want to learn how to dive?

DIVE Costa Rica offers different diving packages you can purchase. The participant will be able to choose to get their PADI International diving certification.

This company has a diving club, where exclusive trainings of the company are made, as well as diving tours at a national and international level.

Find all the information about the types of tours and licenses at www.dive-cr.com. Call and ask at (+506) 2239 5544