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To be honest, this is not a boat in every sense of the word. It is more a flat taxi-boat made of wood and carbon fiber, where you can put a car on it.

In downtown Quepos, I asked this man that is leaned to a tree if he knows the beach I can see far away. It looks like a nice and unspoiled beach. As far as I can see on the map it is called Cocal.

This man, straight to the point, tells me that I need to catch a boat to get there. It only takes 5 minutes to get to the other side of the town, where this beach is located. I bet you only can see this place from a cruiser.

Our budget is short. Just got money to spend the night and to buy some food… but what the hell, we are already there… we have to go and find out what this is about.

So we decided to have a hard stop on our way to Manuel Antonio. We went to a small dock as per the instructions of our offhanded tour guide.

Cocal beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

Just before we arrive to the dock, we found a lot they use for parking. People from here usually leave their cars there to catch the taxi-boat.

To be honest, this is not a boat in every sense of the word. It is more a flat taxi-boat made of wood and carbon fiber, where you can put a car on it.

Quickly we arrive to the other side, a town called Cocal, same as its beach. People here need to move their vehicles from one side to the other. That´s what the taxi-boat is for.

The captain informs us that the ride price is 200 colones (35 cents). Since we decided to leave the car at the parking lot, the price is very low.

Cocal beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

Anyway, our intention is not only to get to know this unknown beach, but also to get to know a new community.

On the dock, there are many small boats, majority owned by local fishermen who wake up very early every day to support their families.

That man who we spoke was right, it only took 5 minutes to get to the other side. We finally arrived to Cocal. We went through a thin dirt street surrounded by small houses. There is a mini market and a church. This path is about 200 meters long until you get to the beach.

This hidden spot is surrounded by palm trees. Here, sand is grey and you can see the cruisers far away near Marina Pez Vela.

It is a nice beach, lonely and unpopular. It is just like the “neighborhood´s beach” where locals spend their free time. Long beach with mid-sized waves.

Cocal beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

It´s incredible how this small community settled down here, and the fact that these people need to take a taxi-boat to get to their jobs.

The family of the young man who operates the taxi-boat depend on the revenue this unusual type of transportation.

Dozens of people daily get into this taxi-boat to get to their jobs and at the end of the day come back home to the other side.

It is hard to imagine but in Costa Rica there are a lot of places like this one. Despite thousands of tourists go by Cocal on their way to Manuel Antonio, this is a community of fishermen and maybe they will be surprised to see tourists visiting this place.