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Less than a 20 minutes drive divide Santa Teresa and the caves. I decided to take this route to explore a rare and captivating destination in Costa Rica

From all of the beaches in the country, this one has something special: hidden caves that were form on the side of the beach, where you do snorkeling and enjoy of the crystal clear sea.

Locals named this beach as ‘Suecos’, although you’ll notice at the very entrance the official sign says Cuevas beach. And I got to say I struggle a little on the way there.

This is, without a doubt, the best beach in this area known as Malpaís.

In the very last part of the road that leads to the beach, the road it’s in very bad shape. Most visitors prefer to leave their cars a little far and walk to this spot, that it’s surrounded by a small forest, right before arriving. After parking our car is time to walk a few meters to see what this beach looks like.

Is a white sand beach and is embraced by trees that offered shade near to the beach. And on the side the huge rock that it’s name for.

Yes, is a giant rock next to the sea, this is what makes the caves happen. When I got there I noticed how tourists enjoy diving near this rock because there are species of fishes of different colors that hide under the rock formations.

Although the sea is crystal clear, sometimes there are waves, mainly when the tide rises. Cuevas is a beach perfect for snorkeling, and enjoy under the shade of the trees, but…

After trying to do snorkeling, I got so excited to explore even more. The map was showing (not too far) two amazing destinations, option 1: A National Park with trails and a virgin beach at the end. Option 2: A captivating white sand beach that some locals consider the best one in Santa Teresa.

Which one should I choose, if both destinations are incredible? Help me choose one!

José Pablo Alfaro

José Pablo Alfaro

Journalist and nature lover. He likes boat trips, walking through trails and living natural experiences.