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I was also there to confirm a daring affirmation that’ve heard from some visitors they ensured this beach is the best one in Guanacaste, can you imagine?

It’s name is a debate between the locals. Why would someone name Huevos (Eggs) beach to a such a magical and unspoiled destination in the Papagayo Gulf? I went directly to that spot in search of answers.

After all, I was also there to confirm a daring affirmation that’ve heard from some visitors they ensured this beach is the best one in Guanacaste, can you imagine?

I got on the boat to clarified my doubts and determine if the rumours about it’s beauty filled the expectations.

Bryan, the tour guide offered me a fresh piece of pineapple and explained to me that before traveling to Huevos Beach, we were making a stop at Nacascolo.

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I was never going to say no. Nacascolo, is such a beautiful and relaxing place. If your desire is to rest in solitude, at a destination where weaves are barely perceptible, this beach will fulfil all your wishes.

Let’s just compare this place to a painting of captivating tones; the beach offers all of the different shades of blue, that blend perfectly with the white color of the sand. It’s such an intense color palette that nature displays for it’s visitors.

I arrived to paradise, after a journey that I enjoyed appreciating a dozen of different incredible islets.

The entire trip to Nacascolo was like a appetiser to what was coming next…

Nacascolo beach, Papagayo Gulf. GOPlaya.cr

I arrived to Nacascolo, on a boat, but you can also access it by land, just remember you’ll have to overcome some bumps on the road. Nothing out of this world.

To capture the beauty of this beach is so easy. For a moment I felt like an actual photographer. Every time I focused my camera I’ll notice another breath taking nature display that I had to capture in that place.

Snorkelling in crystal clear waters, swimming in the calm sea, sitting under the shade of the trees and enjoying the majestic view, that’s what is there to do there. A magical place.

Then I started wondering as I got on the boat on my way to Huevos beach. How can any other beach can surpass what I just saw? Very soon I’d know.

After a short 15 minutes journey, I arrived to the famous Huevos beach. Very quickly after talking to a few locals, I kinda clarified my doubt about the name of this place.

There are two hypothesis about why they named it like that: The first one is based on this rocks that surround the beach and they’re shape like eggs and this is actually true, they looked like giant eggs. The second theory is about the turtles that lay here many years ago and left their eggs under the white sand.

Truth be told, the moment I set foot on Huevos beach I thought: this is incredible! There are many reasons that make it special, but I’ll start with the first thing that amazed me, the small caverns that hide on the side of the beach.

It turns out that there are some incredible caves that can be discover just by walking a few meters from the coast. They are ancient and millenary stones that you can walk across from one side to the other very easily.

Huevos beach, Papagayo Gulf.

Just be careful not to slip.

After taking some pictures there, I went to check out the sea. The beach has the shape of half moon; it’s wide, and perfect to walk, (in that specifically Huevos beach beats Nacascolo, if I was making a comparison)

The sea is turquoise and crystalline (but less than Nacascolo…stop that! we are not comparing) the waves are soft, and is perfect for a dip.

The landscape is incredible. The islets that I saw on my journey can be seen from the beach itself.

It’s a white sand spot that offers a lot. I love the idea of enjoying that little natural sanctuary in silence.

Huevos beach, Guanacaste. GOPlaya.cr

But, I was getting hungry, so we had to light the Weber grill. I just learned to grill meat a few a days ago. I have never been very clever in the kitchen, but honestly everything went very, very well.

Luckily this grill is very comfortable and user friendly, and it looks pretty cool.

The trip is over. Huevos beach is amazing, Nacascolo too, but the journey on the boat took my breath away.

I was very surprise when I realised that each islet that I saw in the distance, has it’s own name and it’s own history.

Most were named by the locals over the years. The essential thing here is that they are part of a majestic and breath taking landscape.