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I went back to Nosara, this time to visit the new Selina. My first thought: this place is absolutely spot-on; it adapts to Nosara´s personality. Get to know what this site has to offer.

Everything converges in Guiones, Nosara. The extensive white sand beach embraces a town that offers all the comforts and keep the balance that exists with surfing, yoga and genuine good vibes.

Few people know that this place in Guanacaste belongs to the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, which allows you to take shelter, in the middle of an environment where travelers enjoy the wide culinary offer, bike riding and the tranquility that you can breathe from the dusty roads that surround the coast.

I went back to Nosara, this time to visit the new Selina. My first thought: this place is absolutely spot-on; it adapts to Nosara´s personality with a concept that brings together some of its essential characteristics. For example, Nosara is recognized as a ‘Blue Zone’. That is to say, people here are more long-lived and, in some cases, can exceed 100 years. There are countless reasons to explain this concept, but it is vital how constant closeness to their family influences their lives, as well as the premise of living in balance.

Almost five hours of travel separate Selina Nosara from Costa Rica’s capital, San José. Photos courtesy of Selina.

Selina adopts this concept. Here they start from the idea that this place of lodging will become a community in which travelers create bonds and adapt to the environment.

It offers a variety of prices and rooms. There is a cinema, a trail in the middle of the forest that leads to Guiones beach and various additional activities, such as meditation and yoga, just to mention two of them.

This is what I found at Selina Nosara:


You can reserve a private room with a bathroom, but also a bed with a lamp, own electricity connector and locker. Selina Nosara offers 35 rooms of different types. There are multiple rooms, with 12 or 8 beds. Prices start at $25 a night; in case you decide to rent a bed. If, on the other hand, you prefer the deluxe room (with living room and own kitchen) has a cost of $300 a night.

If you would like to reserve a space at Selina Nosara, you can do so at the following link: https://bit.ly/2VHIu8G


There is a space equipped with high quality internet that you can book for a period of time and work there. This place is accessible to anyone, not just guests. Explains Roberto Acuña, Experience Manager at Selina Nosara, that this site is useful for those travelers who stay for a long time in the beach village, but must dedicate a few hours of the day to their work.


A wooden deck wraps around the pool. It is an open and good-sized space to swim. A short distance away from it, there are some rooms and very close is a small restaurant that offers a varied menu, with hamburgers, ceviche and tacos, among other dishes.

Other attractions

I must say with complete transparency that when I come to the beach, I disconnect from the television. However, Selina Nosara offers a cool cinema, with decorated armchairs and air conditioning. I’d probably prefer to spend my time on the beach, watching the sunsets, but for those who like to watch a film, that’s where the cinema is. There’s also a library right next to it, with a good number of books to enjoy reading.

In Selina Nosara there is a shared kitchen, so it can be used by any guest, no matter what room they booked. It is part of a concept that allows to generate experiences and conversations.

Cinema at Selina, Nosara.
Library at Selina Nosara.

The beach

Selina is located one kilometer away from Guiones beach by car. You can get in your car and get to know town, nice and balanced, without big buildings but with all the comforts.

If you prefer not to leave the hotel, you can walk along the Chorotega trail and reach the beach. It is a 30-minute walk to the white sand of Guiones.

Remember that waves are perfect for surfing in this spot. Just watch out for the currents.

Nearby beaches that surround the area: