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Brenda Alfaro

[email protected]

The moment I started walking through Manuel Antonio’s main street, all I could heard was the street sellers trying to make me buy parking space at the “best price” they said, (not even close) if you decide to walk a little further you will actually find the best price, good parking space, offers to get fresh coconut water, tickets to get into Manuel Antonio’s National Park, and souvenirs like jewelry made by locals.

The art of bargaining it’s in my words the ace under the sleeve for people who visits this town, but what got my attention the most during the visit, were all of this kind of “parachutes” along Espadilla beach, which is located in front of Manuel Antonio’s main street.

Espadilla beach, Manuel Antonio.

Determined to find where these “parachutes” came from, I started interviewing some of the locals, and finally got myself a parasailing tour, so basically is an activity when a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing, that looks a lot like a parachute, is known as a parasail wing. These tour takes around 15 to 20 minutes and it can hold 1 to 3 people if you get a good deal.

At the first two stands that I checked, they offered me a tour for 2, 15 minutes, for the price of $130, according to the owner it was the “best price” you could find at this beach (again, not even close), kept walking and I found the “Aguas Azules” stand.

Your trip to Golfito can be more than a cheap coffee maker

Aguas Azules it’s a pioneer in parasailing back in Manuel Antonio, with over 25 years of experience the don’t only offer this activity but all water sports. So once again with the bargaining, I got my 15 minutes parasailing tour for a solid $100 for 2, not too bad.

If you decide that parasailing is something that you definitely need to try, here is a tip for you: wear shorts or some type of clothes that covers your legs, the harness is not really comfortable to wear over just a swimsuit.

And yes, I know you’re thinking about all the selfies that you want to take during this adventurous experience, if you have a waterproof camera you can easily bring it attached at you, or you can try the selfie, but that’s on your own risk. So, what if you are afraid of heights?

Discover Espadilla beach. Click here. 

I wouldn’t recommend this tour specifically if you are, but there’s a lot other fun thing you can do here, like surfing lessons or a jet ski trip.

During this tour, the view is incredible, the peace and freedom you can feel in the air is breathtaking. When you get down to the water again, I swear you don’t even notice, the guys from “Aguas Azules” help you to take off the harness and they get you to the beach in matter of minutes.

Parasailing it’s the tour that you can’t miss if you visit Costa Rica, is an experience that will make you feel alive, will show you life from another point of view, one that most people haven’t seen yet. Definitely a MUST!