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It´s a new beach town located around one hour away from El Coco, through an asphalt road in very good shape. This destination is surrounded by two wonderful beaches.

It seemed to be a different beach trip. There was something different at the Guanacastecan coast that you could notice in the distance; from the top of the hill I was able to see a small town that is embraced by the beach, nature, islands, trails and houses. A special synergy.

It´s a new beach town located around one hour away from El Coco, through an asphalt road in very good shape. This destination is surrounded by two wonderful beaches, which you could only get through a trail in the forest: Danta and Dantita.

This new place was called ´Las Catalinas´. This location offers a special connection between natural life, calm and beautiful coasts, outdoor exercising and human health which represent the core of this experience.

Indeed, it was created to provide a comprehensive concept comprised by beach houses, shops, kayak rentals, tours and distributed services across the community.

Las Catalinas is surrounded by 1,000 acres of hills and valleys of dry-tropical forest. You can go through the middle of the town and then turn left to get to Danta and Dantita beaches, or also you could turn right and drive through a steep dirt road (You can walk or take your 4×4).

If you choose to turn right, you will find a mountain with trails everywhere. Those paths got signs that will guide you about routes and distance. All of them were designed for hiking and mountain biking.

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Each of the trails end up at different location; it can be a nice lookout point, or a beach. Developers have put every detail together to show the best attractions of the region.

In case you are avoiding to sweat too much and you are looking for some lookout points, don’t worry! When you start to drive up the hill you can pull over and get a very nice panoramic view where you can see Pitahaya islands and Catalinas islands.

I was very tired after going back from a long walk through all the trails. But it totally worth it when I sat down on the wood-made ´throne´ they placed at the top of the hill.

I was celebrating my birthday that day, and received the best gift when I saw that orange sky, infinite sea and islands at the back making my day. What an amazing sunset, one of the best moments in my life.

Before I went to the lookout points, I spent the day at Danta and Dantita beaches. There is available parking very close to the trails that will lead you to those beaches.

Journey to Danta is not long and includes a trails surrounded by trees and a nice wood bridge in your way to the beach.

If you want to visit Dantita, you´ll probably prefer to start the walk in the morning. Around one-hour hiking will be waiting for you. This trail is longer and more challenging that the first one. It includes steps and green everywhere. Totally worth it.

Sea is crystal clear at both beaches and waves are calm. You´ll also find trees at the back that provide sun shade. The whole landscape is paradise.

Both beach destinations are good for swimming, stand-up paddling and kayaking. Also you could take a boat and visit Pitahaya islands, which are located very close to the shore.

This beach town is starting to take shape and keeps its essence; offering an eco-sustainable and healthy life style, with space for outdoor exercising and natural beauty at every corner.

Some facilities have been built to widen the service offering. There is a restaurant, beach houses for rent, tours service and kayak rentals.

Moreover, if you want to explore the whole area, you can buy a tour to Catalinas islands, a very nice spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

At these islands and surroundings, you can experience one of the greatest wildlife spectacles: ‘the flying manta rays’. During certain periods of the year, you can see hundreds of these marine animals jumping almost at the same time. This is an incredible ´show´ that tourists should experience when they are visiting this area.

You cannot miss the opportunity to dive here. There are a lot of marine species including bull sharks, sea horses, tons of colorful fishes, manta rays and an extraordinary environment.

José Pablo Alfaro

José Pablo Alfaro

Journalist and nature lover. He likes boat trips, walking through trails and living natural experiences.