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Just a few meters from the river, Punta Uva was visible, a summer postcard that spoke to my ear and said: “Why would you waste your time in that little creek if I am here?”

“Is it because of that creek that we are going to visit this place?” I asked the guide, something incredulous. I had a hard time believing that when I got on the kayak and moved along that river without depth, I would find something amazing.

It didn’t help me to look at the beautiful beach so close. Just a few meters from the river, Punta Uva was visible, a summer postcard that spoke to my ear and said: “Why would you waste your time in that little creek if I am here?”

I thought about it for a few seconds. It seemed unnecessary to get on the kayak when I could stay near the coast and it’s palm trees. The sun hit hard and the idea of cooling off in the multicolored sea seduced me.

Punta Uva beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

Besides, the weather was amazing. A bright sun that allowed the rocks that were hidden at the bottom of the sea to be observed from far outside …

But I held on! The guide promised me it would be worth it … So I got on the kayak next to Carlos (my partner and official ‘photographer’ of GOPlaya).

What I am going to say is not a lie (although it may be hard to believe): it had been 5 minutes since I started rowing, when I turned to the right and noticed how a sloth was swinging on a branch of a tree …

Punta Uva. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

And suddenly, I shook my head higher and, there was another one! I continued rowing and 10 meters later I heard how the monkeys jumped from side to side.

In the midst of so many surprises in such a short time, I could hardly analyzed where I really was …

It was an impressive jungle! After arriving at Punta Uva, next to the beach, you can see “that creek”, which is actually the Punta Uva river.

From the outset, it seems like the perfect place for the children from Limón to throw themselves from a rope and have fun around them, but when diving into the depths of that place with the kayak, the scenery is magical.

Punta Uva. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

The river is covered by robust vegetation. Thousands of trees with loose branches that touch the ground. There is no other way to visit it than by kayaking and during some hours of the day, because when it gets very crowded, it is not possible to arrive.

This is good news, it is a habitat protected by the environment itself, which will always remain so, given the difficulty of entering.

We followed the route and, little by little, I took pleasure in kayaking. I was already paddling without as much fear as at the beginning and the focus of the experience on capturing every animal movement. From the edge of the river I saw a Central American Agouti running between the trees, and just afterwards a small land turtle on a rock.

I thought I had seen enough, when suddenly Carlos pointed to some rocks in which more than a dozen land turtles ‘sunbathed’.

Punta Uva river. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

Some threw themselves into the river, others stayed there. It was incredible.

The ride was over. A few days before, there was a heavy rain that caused a log to fall over the river and blocked the road about halfway down.

We returned to enjoy Punta Uva beach. Beautiful and amazing as always. Thankfully, the beach didn’t go anywhere while I wandered.

José Pablo Alfaro

José Pablo Alfaro

Journalist and nature lover. He likes boat trips, walking through trails and living natural experiences.