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There are many variations of ceviche, and in Jaco, you will find five ceviches you definitely want to try.

Jaco is one of the most attractive, close and complete beach destinations in Costa Rica. Local and foreign tourists converge on one of the busiest beaches in the entire central Pacific.

The zone offers options for all tastes and budgets. Recently, Jaco has become an important gastronomic referent, and with the sea as a witness to its proposal: fresh seafood and, especially, ceviche.

To think of the sea is to crave ceviche. It is the dish that fills us with illusion, that makes our mouths water with imagining it because we recreate the perfect environment: the sea breeze, the sand, a refreshing drink and the perfect ceviche that fills us with the palette of the acid lemon, onion and coriander.

There are many variations of ceviche, and in Jaco, you will find five ceviches you definitely want to try. These are the ceviches that you should look for and eat when you are hungry for the beach and Jaco.

First: In Herradura beach is the ceviche of El Pelícano restaurant, made with roasted garlic, octopus, garlic oil and grapes.

The acidity of the lemon finds a high point of good contrast with the sweet, but not sickish, notes of the grapes. The whole is accentuated with the depth of roasted garlic. The bite of the octopus at the exact point of cooking, soft and firm, is appreciated on each bite.

Second: Although the name is not a good indication of seafood, Los Chanchitos restaurant, in front of the entrance to the Punta Leona club, serves several ceviches, all good quality, but the one that you should try first is the Pulpo Enamorado.

This ceviche, with octopus, has an affair with lightly spicy mayonnaise, which, together with the lemon, offers a warm and creamy bite. The red onion cuts the acidity and gives depth in the aftertaste.

Third: If you are looking for a ceviche out of the ordinary or following a vegan option, the Selina Jaco hotel has a ceviche made from chayote. Do not hesitate and try it.

The chayote, although a little neutral in flavor, is the perfect vehicle to absorb the flavors that are on the plate: red onion, hearts of palm, sesame oil, and sweet corn. Besides, its texture finds a similarity to fish. The result is a very fresh and digestible ceviche.

Fourth: Another must-have on the ceviche route is the one from El Hicaco restaurant, in downtown Jaco. This ceviche is made with squid, with a fresh aroma of sea, vibrant and exotic, but balanced between acid and fruity, as it is made with seasonal fruits, such as cas, cape gooseberry, tamarind, and a slight spicy Yellow pepper, influence and tribute – without a doubt – of the typical Peruvian ceviches.

Fifth: I come to the end of this list with The Fish Market ceviche, which also takes advantage of some seasonal fruits to make a golden fish ceviche and pair it with gooseberries, and right at the acidity point, green and black olives, chickpeas, tied all the ingredients in the palette for a slightly spicy mayonnaise of chili pepper.

Around the corner, the capital, Jaco is consolidated as the quintessential destination for those who are looking for the beach, sea and for the food, the place to which every weekend, for holidays or for the special date, you can go, discover and rediscover.

Alberto Gatgens is a journalist and chef. He specializes in gastronomic chronicle, cooking classes and events. Publish the blog www.elgastronomista.com and you can follow it on Facebook and Instagram as Gastronomistacr and Elgastronomistacr. You can contact him by email [email protected]