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From a small beach a few miles from downtown El Puerto, to a multicoloured destination in Montezuma, an unspoiled refuge full of trees and absolutely unknown caves.

I don’t know what is more delicious, the feeling of visiting an unspoiled destination, or enjoying a crunchy and fresh “vigoron”.

It is a difficult question to answer, although the truth is that in a single ride I could do both things. Puerto is a place as beautiful as particular. Sometimes we think we know everything about it, but we don’t. There’s a lot left.

So from now I invite you to enjoy the essence of Puntarenas, distributed in different beach destinations. Not all places can be visited on the same day, but most of them will have the option to taste a “vigoron”. Get to know some of these paradisiacal spots, different from each other and, most of the time, lonely.

From a small beach a few miles from downtown El Puerto, to a multicoloured destination in Montezuma, an unspoiled refuge full of trees and absolutely unknown caves.

“Jale al Puerto!” Puntarenas Tourism Promoter states that the best way to discover a place is to live it. And GOPlaya shows you five hidden treasures to enjoy your holidays.

Manchas beach

White sand beach with turquoise water, a combination of natural beauty that really stands out. This small spot of calm waves is surrounded by two huge rocks on both sides where you can snorkel.

Beach has a parking area. It is located a few miles from downtown Montezuma, where you will find hostels, boutique hotels and cabins for rent, as well as camping areas.

Manchas beach in Montezuma. GOPlaya.cr

Cabo Blanco

After a long 5.4 kilometer trail, it’s time to refresh yourself on this beach of white sand, calm waves and crystal clear water located within the Cabo Blanco National Reserve.

It stands out the soil full of stones and the paradisiacal environment. In order to enjoy this experience to the maximum, it is advisable to wear beach shoes or sandals when you get in the water.

Cabo Blanco beach, Puntarenas. GOPlaya.cr


An unusual walk took us to a place as diverse as particular: Here is a giant rock overlooking the sea (something similar to Guacalillo Cliff), two hidden spots for surfing, a lagoon, a mangrove swamp and the main course we wanted to taste: The caves of Bajamar in Puntarenas.

It turns out that when the tide goes out, you can cross from side to side along the beach until you pass an estuary and reach some incredible caverns. Surprise is inevitable; they are giant rocks in the middle of the sea.

That’s why when the tide rises it’s impossible to get here. It is necessary to plan the trip with the clock on hand to catch the right moment.

The caves of Bajamar, Puntarenas. GOPlaya.cr

Blanca beach

White sand beach located near the area of Punta Morales, Puntarenas.

It has a calm swell and just a few stones, which makes it an ideal place for swimmers.

Blanca beach in Puntarenas. GOPlaya.cr

Quesera beach

Playa Quesera at Nicoya Peninsula is paradise. An amazing spot that combines white tone of sand with the turquoise sea. Crystalline water reflects the bottom of the sea, as the waves are barely perceptible.

Quesera is one of those unspoiled and desolate places where you can see dozens of palm trees and trees that provide shade and decorate the landscape.

Quesera is part of Curú Wildlife Refuge, so you will have to enter in the refuge, pay the entrance fee and then reach the beach.

You can do it in three ways: By boat in a journey that takes less than 10 minutes, on foot along a trail surrounded by vegetation in a journey of 2 hours, or by kayak, about 20 minutes.

Quesera beach, Puntarenas. GOPlaya.cr

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