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Yes, when it comes to the people that live in the area, this beach is perceived as the very best (or at least one of the best) in Santa Teresa, for its combination of white sand, surf, shade, tranquility, beauty and magical sunsets.

That’s how Hermosa is, it also offers other attractive elements, like parking for your car very near to the beach, and it’s so big it’s perfect for long walks on the beach. It’s an amazing destination no matter what.

Hermosa beach, Santa Teresa. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

The most skeptical people can think that because is a good surfing spot, it might be impossible to swim, but it is so big, that it also offers room to swim and enjoy the sea.

After parking your car, you will notice, you have to walk for a small and short trail, you can see the palm trees in the distance. Is easy to notice that the community puts a lot of effort in creating a consciousness about taking care of this beautiful place, so clean and wonderful.

True to its name, Hermosa (Beautiful), captivates for its immensity as much as it does for its tranquility, most of the week it’s almost empty.

For those who like to take on a surfboard, is a great destination, that multiplies is attributes when you see that is surrounded by things to do.

The culinary offer of the area is very diverse, just as the natural beauty.