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Build your dream trip with the help of three eBooks created by locals: Beach Towns, Virgin Beaches and Tourist Safety

Get to know in depth the beach towns that are trending in Costa Rica, explore the most hidden and virgin beaches in the country, and travel peacefully around our country. 
GOPlaya created three perfect eBooks, to plan, compare, be amazed, save money, travel safely and mainly have your dream trip when you visit Costa Rica. 
These guides made by locals, José Pablo Alfaro and Carlos Alpízar, will open your eyes to a whole new unseen side of Costa Rica. There are so many wild destinations to discover. 
After touring more that 230 Costarican beaches and earning the international award in touristic journalism “Open Passport” in the category: originality, now we decided to go a step further. We want you to be able to plan an incredible trip and get to explore destinations in depth, so you can make the most out of your trip. 
The theme of the eBooks is: Beach Towns (319 pages), Virgin Beaches (148 pages) and Q&A about Tourist Safety in Costa Rica (93 pages). 
You may be wondering, why are the eBooks so long? The answer is simple: We do not want you to miss anything. Discover the Costarican beach vibe and build your dream trip.  

Beach Towns in Costa Rica

There are 13 beach towns in Costa Rica, each of them with it’s own essence and personality. Until today, nobody had dared to explore, compare and write about each destination to offer the traveler a real vision. This content allows you to choose the place that most closely resembles the experience you want to have in our country.

Costa Rica is a country full of diversity, natural experiences and magical beaches. For instance, visiting Santa Teresa is a quite different experience than exploring Puerto Viejo. The sensations, the architecture, the culinary culture and even the landscape vary a lot from one place to another.

The good news is that Costa Rica is small, which will make it easy for you to explore many places in a short time. This Beach Towns eBook made by locals allows you to discover the best and most unique spots that surround each area.

Discover: El Coco, Tamarindo, Las Catalinas, Sámara, Nosara, Santa Teresa, Montezuma, Dominical, Uvita, Manuel Antonio, Jacó, El Puerto and Puerto Viejo.

Visit Costa Rica and really explore it. Do not leave with the bittersweet feeling that comes when you see on instagram photos of dozens of beaches that you didn’t get to visit… because nobody told you they existed.

Choose the right beach town, the one that really represents who you are, the one that most resembles what you expect from your experience in Costa Rica. In this travel guide made by locals we will help you go to the places that are worth it.

Pages: 319 pages of content (includes maps and photo galleries).

Price: $7.00 + taxes

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In addition, when you buy the Beach Towns eBook you will receive our WildLife map for free. You will know the dates and destinations where you can see the main species that inhabit Costa Rica. Sloths, tapirs and monkeys? Learn when and where to see them and enjoy the enormous biodiversity that Costa Rica offers.

How will this travel guide help you?

-You will know more than 60 different beaches. Explore the spots that surround each area. This guide will allow you to discover not only beach towns but also the natural beauties that surround them. By driving for only 10 to 15 minutes you can discover a different and incredibly beautiful beach.

-Travel calm and safely. You will find a map with the Google Maps location of every beach town, and every unspoiled beach. Explore all of the destinations we recommend without getting lost.

-We suggest two types of hotels: 1. Those who received an excellent rating from visitors in each area. 2. Those who have an excellent rating … but also are affordable.

-In this guide you can find a clear view of road conditions, weather, basic services and idiosyncrasy of each place. Read, compare and choose the town that resembles the most to what you are looking for.

-Photo gallery of each town and each beach. Two types of image: aerial and terrestrial. No photoshop in excess, so you can discover Costa Rica as it is.

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Virgin beaches in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are more than 230 different beaches, and GOPlaya.cr visited every single one. But, what would happen if I say, that from all of these destinations, we selected the most exclusive and wild to include them in the Virgin Beaches eBook?

This eBook about Virgin Beaches will take you to magical and unknown places, where you will need a 4×4 vehicle to explore them. This guide of more than 148 pages will make you fall in love with the side of Costa Rica that remains unknown and unspoiled.

Discover the most remote spots in Guanacaste, Puntarenas, la Zona Sur (the south zone) and the Caribbean in Costa Rica. With this guide you’ll have the maps of each area and the Google Maps address for every destination.

Pages: 148 pages of content (includes maps and photo galleries).

Price: $7.00 + taxes

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What’s included in this guide?

-Beaches in all areas of Costa Rica, from Guanacaste to the hidden Golfito in Osa Peninsula.

-Map and Google Maps address of every beach.

-Information about road conditions and the type of car you need to visit each destination.

-Photo gallery and tips to visit these beaches without taking risks.

Q&A About Tourist Safety in Costa Rica

This digital book is a compilation of the best safety information you will find in the country, written in a very simple format of questions and answers so you can clarify all your concerns.

Is Costa Rica a safe country? Yes, and it is also beautiful and extraordinary. Then you might wonder why you need this eBook with the best tourist safety tips. The answer is simple: Although Costa Rica is considered a peaceful destination, it is not immune to the crime, assaults and fraud that occur around the world.

For this reason, GOPlaya created a truthful, clear and transparent content that will allow you to learn in 92 pages all you need to know before starting to explore Costa Rica.


Pages: 92 pages of content 

Price: $7.00 + taxes

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To create this eBook, GOPlaya met with security experts, and gathered all the information offered by official agencies such as the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), professional medical colleges and specialized organizations in marine currents.

The document is divided into the following topics: Medical services, transportation and driving, wildlife, national parks, volcanoes, daily life, adventure, marine currents, hotels, tour guides and restaurants.

Yes, we are the country of ‘pura vida’, but don’t be overconfident. Follow the tips you read in the “Q&A about Tourist Safety in Costa Rica” eBook and enjoy the most incredible beaches and destinations.

How will this guide help you on your journey?

-Travelers can be victims of different crimes, however, there are four that are most repeated in Costa Rica. Get to know what these crimes are and how you can avoid them.

-You’ll learn to identify when there are marine currents at Costa Rica’s beaches and where you can swim more peacefully. Avoid taking risks in the sea.

-How much, on average, does a medical consultation cost in Costa Rica? Learn everything you need to know about our country’s healthcare and avoid paying extra fees in case you need medical attention.

-Wildlife is abundant in Costa Rica, but do you know what you should keep in mind when you are near a wild animal? We explain in detail the correct ways to coexist with wildlife that predominate in the country.

-Looking forward to surf, dive, zip-line or mountain biking? Costa Rica is extraordinary to enjoy adventure activities. Follow the advices you will find in this eBook and prevent accidents.

-You might be not sure about how traffic signs work, how road conditions are and how expensive is taxi service in Costa Rica. Get the best guide on transportation and driving with this eBook.

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Beatriz Pérez.

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Estefany Rodríguez.

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