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As part of the celebration of the second anniversary of GOPlaya we are going to make two raffles, but first we want to take a minute to tell you about our new project…

It started as an entrepreneurship of two childhood best friends. Today looks like a growing company, in process of consolidation. We have enjoyed every day, every beach and every story we have told you.

We have enjoyed every second of this adventure and we owe it all to you, because you are part of the largest beach community in Costa Rica.  You take the time to visit our website (www.goplaya.cr) to take a look at the 230 beaches we have in our platform, you are part of our social networks and receive our newsletter.

Carlos Alpízar and José Pablo Alfaro, founders of GOPlaya.

GOPlaya.cr is a company that, like most of startups, it had to start from scratch. Many hours of work and effort that have allowed us to take those small steps that later have turned into small joys.

From the moment of receiving the first ‘click’, to the excitement of reaching 115,000 visitors in a single month. At the end of the day, there are 115,000 beach lovers who look forward to know, explore and enjoy all the beauties of our country.

Also the joy of collaborating in the travel planning of thousands of foreign tourists, creating commercial alliances and receiving the trust of companies that have been close to us in all this process.

We would like to thank our business partners Adobe Rent a Car, Booking.com, Pacific Expeditions, Weber Costa Rica and those who have believed in GOPlaya’s advertising projects, such as the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT), Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (PANI) and Junta Promotora de Turismo.

And most importantly, to the GOPlaya community. You, who read this.

As part of the celebration of this second anniversary, we have some surprises that we want to tell you about. GOPlaya will raffle some very interesting products as a thank you to our community, but….

Before we tell you about the project we are launching in this second anniversary: The first website specialized in creating beach travel eBooks (digital travel books).

Although the eBook culture is very popular in the United States and Europe, it is less common to hear about its creation and sale in Costa Rica.

GOPlaya created three digital books in Spanish and English that will allow the travelers to find the best information about the Costa Rican beaches.

The three books have the following subjects: Beach Towns in Costa Rica, Virgin Beaches in Costa Rica and Tourist Safety in Costa Rica.

We explored the country from coast to coast to generate the content you´ll find in these three eBooks. Click the below links to see more details about them:

Beach Towns in Costa Rica

Virgin Beaches

Tourist safety in Costa Rica

This is a product that we expect our foreign visitors will like a lot, because they are looking for the most complete information about Costa Rica to know the most incredible places.

If you have friends outside the country who want to visit Costa Rica, we invite you to recommend these guides in Spanish and English, because they will facilitate their trip and allow them to know the most hidden corners of Costa Rica.

As part of our anniversary week we are going to make the following raffles and activities:

Tuesday July 16th: We are raffling two eBooks about Beach Towns in Costa Rica: This guide is comprised by 350 pages of content and has an introductory price of $15.99 + taxes. It includes maps, photo galleries, and exclusive content about 13 beach towns in Costa Rica.

This eBook will be raffled among those who share the publication that we will make next on Tuesday in our Facebook account and tag a foreign friend who wants to visit Costa Rica. An eBook will be given to the person who entered the contest and to the foreigner friend who tagged (hopefully this will make him start to plan his/her next trip to Costa Rica).

Thursday July 18th: Two eBooks of Virgin Beaches in Costa Rica will be raffled off. A 150-page digital book where GOPlaya shows you the most exclusive and incredible beach destinations in the country. Learn how to get there, check out the photo galleries and discover the beaches that just a very few know.

To participate in the raffle of this travel guide you only have to share the publication that we will make next Thursday in our Facebook account and tag a foreign friend who dreams of exploring our country. Both will receive the eBook.

* The winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 24.