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Discover the most remote spots in Guanacaste, Puntarenas, la Zona Sur (the south zone) and the Caribbean in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica there are more than 230 different beaches, and GOPlaya.cr visited every single one. But, what would happen if I say, that from all of these destinations, we selected the most exclusive and wild to include them in the Virgin Beaches eBook?

This eBook about Virgin Beaches will take you to magical and unknown places, where you will need a 4×4 vehicle to explore them. This guide of more than 148 pages will make you fall in love with the side of Costa Rica that remains unknown and unspoiled.

Discover the most remote spots in Guanacaste, Puntarenas, la Zona Sur (the south zone) and the Caribbean in Costa Rica. With this guide you’ll have the maps of each area and the Google Maps address for every destination.

Pages: 148 pages of content (includes maps and photo galleries).

Regular price: $15.99

Sale: $9.99 + taxes

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What’s included in this guide?

-Beaches in all areas of Costa Rica, from Guanacaste to the hidden Golfito in Osa Peninsula.

-Map and Google Maps address of every beach.

-Information about road conditions and the type of car you need to visit each destination.

-Photo gallery and tips to visit these beaches without taking risks.


“Excellent information. Straight to the point. Definitely recommend it’s use!”

Rodrígo Rodríguez

“Excellent. I recommend this website to foreigners and friends when I go out of the country”

Beatriz Pérez

“The places recommended here are gorgeous, some of them I didn’t even know existed, and the information given is very extensive and helpful. They tell you what type of car you need, or how long you have to walk for, depending of where your going. They provide you with information that is key to plan your trip”.

Laura Guevara

“The information given is high quality, and for us that love discovering new beaches is of great help. I’m thankful for this initiative”

Luis Vargas Alas


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Who we are

GOPlaya.cr is the only beach search engine in Costa Rica. Its founders, José Pablo Alfaro and Carlos Alpízar, are two local travelers who toured the entire country to generate the GOPlaya database for more than 230 beaches.

This allowed them to create unique content about the most incredible and hidden destinations, by adding the journalistic rigor that the tourist demands.

In 2017, GOPlaya was granted the International Open Passport Award in the “Originality” category and recently teamed up with Adobe Rent a Car to offer three e-books with exclusive content; Virgin Beaches; Beach Towns; Q&A about Tourist Safety.