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Santa Teresa is magical and authentic. The diversity of the area allows to contemplate any type of beauty, from a sunset to a hidden cave, a virgin beach or a trail surrounded by nature.

I woke up very early to catch the Paquera ferry, and get into this adventure, to experience this that I enjoy so much…

Is an extra dose of joy, is like arriving there makes me forget the daily hustle and the extra hours of work. I left my baggage at the hotel, and after a trip of a little less than five hours, I decided to start my day at Carmen beach, ‘Santa Tere’s’ beautiful white sand neighbor.

It happens sometimes that it goes unnoticed, and even more when it competes with the huge Santa Teresa beach.
After sunbathing at Carmen beach, I got on my way to the ‘spoiled’ of the area. Is right next door. Always preferred by surfers, Santa Teresa now also captivates those who are passionate for yoga and relaxation.

Santa Teresa beach. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

I was just getting there, when I noticed the ritual of a surfer, that basically came out of the water with her board on hand and sat on the sand to meditate.

At a very short distance, a young boy was throwing a wooden stick to his dog, a golden retriever. The beach, that sometimes seems infinite, invited us to walk for a while…

Even though is very valued spot in-between surfers, Santa Teresa multiplies its beauty for different reasons: Is a such huge beach that wins over all of those who love long walks on the beach, or simply want to rest.

In the winter I always like to go to the beach, and get the drone up as fast as possible, there was no way I was allowing the rain ruin our chances to take the best air photographs. Santa Tere, ended up being very photogenic, but I wanted something more…

Montezuma beach, Nicoya Peninsula. Photo: GOPlaya.cr

After the photoshoot we went to get some breakfast, (there multiple options, and the culinary offer it’s incredible) During breakfast we had time to choose our next destination, should we visit the secret caves that we’ve been talk about for days now, or a hidden beach in Santa Teresa.

Option 1. Secret caves

Option 2. Hidden beach