What beach did Kardashian visit in Costa Rica?
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José Pablo Alfaro R.

Most Costa Ricans have ever heard of the famous Kardashian sisters and their well-known reality show in the United States. They came to the country this year, they took pictures in swimsuits, with animals like monkeys. In addition, they stayed in a luxury suite so little close to our reality that, apparently, it cost 11 million per night, according to Forbes magazine.

It was in January of this year that they visited some tourist places such as volcanoes, incredible hotels and a beautiful beach (which I will tell you about). At the same time, they recorded their program Keeping up with The Kardashians

A 35 cents ride on this taxi-boat will take you the beach

Only for ignorant people like as me who hardly knew of their existence before January, the Kardashian is a global phenomenon. A picture where they appear jumping in a small waterfall in Costa Rica got more than a million hearts on Instagram.

Apparently, Kim Kardashian (supposedly the most famous) is a fashion trend. According to my sisters who watch the program; The accessories and clothing that they use often become a fashion reference.

Back to the topic. The Kardashians visited the Arenal Volcano, where they had luch a delicious “arroz con pollo”, ripe plantain and “patacones”. We knew this because they posted photos on Instagram. Then they were at Dino Park, a dinosaur park near Liberia. And also in the Gulf of Papagayo.

They stayed at the Villa Manzú Hotel (it costs 11 million a night). This extraordinary place is a luxurious mansion. It has two swimming pools, spa, marble bathrooms and theater, but the most important, is its direct access to the beach. The Kardashians walked from the hotel to a path where they found one of the best spots in the Gulf of Papagayo: Prieta.

In Costa Rica there are no private beaches, but it does not mean that there is not extremely difficult access to reach certain spots. The public access to Prieta beach is complicated. You must overcome a 496-step trail before stepping on the white sand. But I’m not complaining, it’s worth it.

The advantage of the hotels that surround the Gulf of Papagayo is that they usually offer the transfer to the beach, so you do not need to walk, or at least I can not imagine the Kardashian doing it in Costa Rica.

Will live by the beach make me happier?

Like any other beach, Prieta has different spots, usually separated by stones of good size; this hinders access to beautiful places. . Many times this favors the privacy of tourists.

It is likely that the spot where the Kardashian were located was divided by stones, which means that you can only enter the boat. (Yes, you or I can go by boat and nobody can claim anything from us).

This explains why Kardashian met monkeys so close to the beach. Precisely, Prieta is a place that combines beauty and nature.

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The white sand, crystal clear water, gentle waves near the shore and trees provide shade. There, the monkeys swinging.

This beach has another peculiarity, you can distinguish two tones in the sand: white and black.

The Kardashian received a good recommendation, Playa Prieta.

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