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Make travelers fall in love with your photos, win an incredible tour to an exotic destination and tell the story behind your picture. Join GOPlaya 2018 beach photo contest.

We love photography. Capturing in an image the essence of an unrepeatable moment. And the beach is a library of unforgettable stories and scenes forever; from appreciating an intense and unique sunset, to being delighted of an unspoiled and incredible destination.

The GOPlaya 2018 photography contest is an opportunity for all those enthusiastic photographers who one day decided to buy a camera or a drone in order to save memories and make others smile when appreciating that unique moment they captured.

We want the travelers who visit our website to fall in love with Costa Rica through their images. This contest was created with that premise, which we hope to maintain every year on our website www.goplaya.cr, supported by our Instagram profile, which will also show all beach photographs.

The winners will win a big prize and all the photos that participate in the contest will be uploaded to our website (www.goplaya.cr) with their respective credit and their Instagram account so that our visitors can enjoy them. What does the contest consist of?

Step by step. The dynamic is simple. If you took an incredible photograph in a beach destination in Costa Rica, you can already compete.

All you have to do is send us the image to [email protected], tell us in which spot you captured it, and a description of the moment of the scene (I will tell you soon why this description is important in the contest).

GOPlaya will submit the photograph to an evaluation. How? A jury made up of two people was appointed: Marvin Caravaca, photo editor of the newspaper La Nación, graduated in Photography, and expert in capturing images underwater. And José Pablo Alfaro, communication director of GOPlaya, journalist of La Nación and winner of the international prize ‘Open Passport’ in the innovation category.

They will perform an evaluation of the photographs to determine the winners in two different categories: ground photography and aerial (drone) photography.

However, before these pictures are evaluated by the jury, they will go through the evaluation of another very demanding group: our GOPlaya community in Instagram.

The images will be uploaded to our Instagram account with the hashtag #ConcursoGOPlaya, together with the photographer’s profile and the description sent by e-mail.

Here the description is important, because with a few words you can convince our community to give a heart to your photograph.

For 24 hours, the number of likes (hearts) you got in that period of time will be counted and, when the deadline is met, an Instagram story will be published ratifying the number of likes each photographer got, tagging the photographer´s profile.

The top 20 images that obtain the highest number of likes (hearts) during the first 24 hours been published in Instagram, will be evaluated by the jury, who will determine the winner of each category.

And attention! There are two more prizes: One for the most popular photograph (the one that gets the highest number hearts during the first 24 hours since posting), and one for our Instagram fans.

Among all @GOPlaya members who give a like to one of the participating photos, a snorkeling team will be raffled off.

The same prize will receive the most popular photo of the contest.

The period for receiving photos will be from October 30th to November 30th, 2018. Starting on December 01st, 2018 onwards the photos will be published in our Instagram account.

On January 10th, we will announce our 20 finalists through our Instagram and Facebook accounts. That day we will publish a blog with the 20 runner-up photographs, description and photographer name.

The winner of each category will be announced in our Instagram and Facebook accounts on January 20th, 2019.


All photographs will be uploaded to www.goplaya.cr with their respective credit and Instagram account after their authenticity and the place where the scene was captured is validated.

The winner of the ground photography category will receive a tour for two people in Corcovado National Park, as well as a GOPlaya tank top or t-shirt and a certificate that validates as the winner.

The winner of the aerial photography category will obtain a bioluminescence tour for two people in Quesera beach, a GOPlaya tank top or t-shirt and the certificate that validates as the winner.

GOPlaya will write a blog with the story behind the image that won the contest (terrestrial and aerial photography categories). This article will be published on Facebook and Instagram.

The most popular photograph (the one that gets the highest number of likes in Instagram) during the first 24 hours of publication, will receive a snorkeling equipment and a certificate that validates it as a winner.

Among all followers of @GOPlaya on Instagram who give a like to a contest photo, a snorkeling equipment will be raffled.


The photos reception period will be from October 30th to November 30th, 2018.

Each photographer can submit a maximum of three photographs. Only photographs of beach destinations will be accepted.

To participate, the photographer must send their images to the email [email protected] with the following information:

Full name of the author:

Instagram account:

Contact telephone number:

Title of the photograph and brief description:

Destination of the beach where it was captured:

Date and year the image was captured:

All photographs will be uploaded to www.goplaya.cr with their respective credits and the Instagram account.

The photograph sent to compete must not show legends or marks that can be interpreted as advertising at the jury’s discretion; they must come in JPG format with a minimum size of 1 megabyte and a maximum size of 3 megabytes.

The jury will evaluate the following points: technical and aesthetic quality of the photograph, symbolic richness, originality, depth and composition.

See terms and conditions of the competition here.