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Explore the best beaches of Costa Rica in this special GOPlaya´s beach list and learn how to create your favorite beach route in less than a minute.

Did you know that you can discover up to 11 beaches on a single route? Imagine a weekend where you explore and discover four, five or even more different beach destinations.

GOPlaya wants to encourage you to discover Costa Rica in 2020, so we have created five routes where you can discover some of the best beaches in the country, easily and without getting lost.

Before I show you these five destinations, I have some good news: GOPlaya allows you to create your favorite route, based on the destination you want to visit and the type of beach you are looking for.

How? It’s super easy! We have created a tool called Create your route, in which you can choose a destination and then get to know all the beaches around it. You can also locate each of the spots on the map and get to the beaches through Google Maps and Waze. 

Step by step, I will show you how to squeeze this GOPlaya tool to build your own routes. I guarantee that it won’t take a minute to create your favorite route. Before you start, the first thing you have to do is go to the “Routes” section in the main menu of GOPlaya.

Step 1: When you are in the “Routes” section, you will find a text called: “1: Choose the beach from where you want to start the route“.  Here you basically have to select that beach that you will definitely visit during your trip. For example, I will place San Juanillo.

Step 2: Then you will find another text that says: “2. Choose the type of beach you want to visit“. This will allow you to choose the beach according to your tastes and preferences. For example, if you choose to surf, only the beaches that are suitable for surfing around San Juanillo will appear. This time, I will keep the option “All”, so it will show all the possible beaches.

Step 3: Then you will find the third step: “3. Radius (in km) you want to travel (from the beach you chose)“. That is, if I choose 10 kilometers, the tool will show me all the beaches that are around San Juanillo in that radius. I suggest choosing 5 to 10 kilometers, so that the beaches relatively close to the one you want to visit appear.

Step 4: Click on the “Search” button. When you do so, all the beaches within 10 kilometers of San Juanillo, or any destination you have selected, will appear. In this example you will notice that there are eight different beaches around San Juanillo within the selected mile radius.

Step 5. Just getting to step 4 is enough to discover new beaches, however, we wanted to offer you something else to make your trip easier. You will notice that above the image of each of the 8 beaches, there is a green button called “Add to my route“. Press this green button only on those beaches that call your attention and that you wish to visit. For example, I will choose “Blanca (Pitahaya)” and “Cóncava“. 

When you click on the green button, you will notice that it turns red. Then check the map to see the location of the chosen beach.

Step 6. After selecting each beach, you will notice that the system immediately points to them on the map. Now you only have to zoom in on the map (on the cell phone it’s with your fingers) to look closely at the red dots with the location of each place. That is, if you selected two beaches, the system will set up the route with these destinations (San Juanillo plus the ones you chose to add to your route). 

You can choose the beaches you want. 

The red dots with some letters indicate the location of each beach.

Step 7. After setting up your route, you can choose between two options: “Go with Waze” (cell phone only), or “Go with Google Maps”. In both cases, the system will show you the first beach on your route so you can navigate to that destination.

When you click on the “Go with Google Maps” button, the beaches you chose for your route will appear. Choose where you want to start your route by selecting the beach. 

We invite you to visit all the beaches you want in Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Manuel Antonio, the Nicoya Peninsula, the Southern Zone or Limon. Near each destination there is another magical place.

Now we have what we promised you. Here we put together five beach routes for you to discover extraordinary destinations in this 2020. Get ready to discover the most incredible spots:

1. Avellanas route, the essence of Santa Cruz 

Avellanas beach, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. Photography: GOPlaya.cr 

In the area of Santa Cruz there are beautiful and unique beaches, destinations that still keep their essence and where you can have a special connection with sea, waves and nature. Within a radius of eight kilometers around Avellanas beach, you can discover 11 incredible spots. Explore Lagartillo or get out of your comfort zone and come visit Blanca beach of Junquillal. Press the following button to see the whole beach route: 

Check beach route 

2. El Coco, discover its hidden beaches

Penca is one of the best beaches to visit on your route through El Coco. Photography: GOPlaya.cr 

Who does not know El Coco beach in the area of Carrillo in Guanacaste? What you may not realize is that in a range of only 10 kilometers around, you can get to know up to 15 different beaches. Beautiful places, with white sand, or with a soft swell. Dare to visit Penca, Calzón de Pobre, or go down the steps that will take you to the best beaches of Papagayo.

Check beach route

3. A magical route in the Nosara area

Cuarzo beach, better known as Pink beach, in the area of Nosara. Photography: GOPlaya.cr Cuarzo beach, better known as Pink beach, in the area of Nosara. Photography: GOPlaya.cr

If you choose the right time to do this beach route, you will be able to combine surfing, turtle watching and the beauty of a virgin and desolate beach. Explore Nosara and meet five of the most incredible beaches in Guanacaste. From the stunning Guiones, to the unknown Cuarzo.

Check beach route

4. Santa Teresa never stops captivating, meet 9 beaches

Cuevas beach, known as Suecos, located near Santa Teresa, in the Malpaís area. Photography: GOPlaya.cr 

Santa Teresa of Cóbano is a perfect destination to visit captivating beaches, in a living environment. Visit the beautiful Cuevas (known as Suecos) and then at night go out and enjoy the culinary diversity. Within a radius of eight kilometers, you can enjoy nine different beaches. Don’t miss out the best beach destinations in this area.

Check beach route

5. My beloved Puerto Viejo! Know the hidden spots

Around Puerto Viejo there are magical and virgin beaches. Photography: GOPlaya.cr 

If you are setting up your next route to Puerto Viejo of Talamanca, in the Caribbean of Costa Rica, we invite you to take a look. Get to know 13 magical and wild destinations, with the unmistakable essence of Limon; from Punta Uva to the less visited Grande beach, get to know them here.

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José Pablo Alfaro

José Pablo Alfaro

Journalist and nature lover. He likes boat trips, walking through trails and living natural experiences.