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If your beach plan includes what you are going to eat and not to look for restaurants, here are five tips to fit your outdoor adventure in the sand

An ideal trip to the beach includes a cooler, a tablecloth, chairs, and a small cupboard to prepare and cook what we will eat during the day.

If your beach plan includes what you are going to eat and not to look for restaurants, here are five tips to fit your outdoor adventure in the sand.

All five ideas are based on simplicity, comfort, and responsibility: try to carry as little plastic as possible and always keep in mind that you must be careful with fire and make sure to put away your waste.

Investing a couple of hours in getting everything ready for your meal for the next day will give you a lot of freedom once you are at the beach.

-BBQ Beach Party: This portable gas grill of the prestigious brand Weber brand is a great option to prepare your beach menu. It is practical, it uses a portable one-pound gas cylinder, or the 20-pound cylinder adapter can be purchased.

How to make barbecue easier on the beach? It is best to bring the products ready to cook.

Because you are using a portable grill, it is recommended not to cook large pieces, but small.

Beach menu recommendation:

-Tomatoes with rosemary and olive oil (one tomato is enough for two people): Bring the tomatoes to slide in halves and the rosemary on the branch. Salt and olive oil to be added when you are ready to put them on the fire. Cook over medium heat until the tomato skin begins to wrinkle and to caramelize.

-Pineapple: either as an appetizer or dessert, pineapple at the beach is always refreshing. Take the pineapple in slices, just place it on the grill. Cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes per side. The fire will enhance the sugars and leave appetizing grill marks.

-Tenderloin with tortilla: ask in your trusted butcher shop for the steaks you need with a good ripeness point. The day before your trip to the beach, spice them with salt (with prefer coarse grilled salt) and pepper place them in a plastic bag and make sure they will be cold in the cooler up to an hour before cooking.

-Fruit skewers: The day before your trip you can prep fruit and vegetables on skewers; They will serve as a snack and you can even eat them, walking along the beach. Interlace colored grapes, apple, pineapple and watermelon triangles on the stick. Get enough and keep them fresh, they will be your safe company all day.

-Mozzarella and basil cheese sandwich: The secret of this preparation is to buy good quality bread, we enjoy ciabatta, that keeps its texture, yes, as fresh as possible; In addition to carrying the ingredients separately but sliced. So, you just have to put together the ingredients between the bread at the beach and enjoy it in a matter of seconds.

Mozzarella is a close friend of basil and olive oil, salt and pepper. Bring a few bottles with these products, hopefully, they have a tight seal and inside a plastic bag, they will raise your sandwich to envy levels.

-Cold pasta salad: Allied in any circumstance, pasta also goes to the beach. For example, farfalle or fusilli combine very well and are very fresh with mozzarella cheese, sweet corn, mushrooms, and olives. If you add olive oil and fresh pepper you will have a meal that you will remember forever. them in a bowl or portion but keep your salad in the cooler until you are going to eat it.

By the end of the afternoon, before leaving home, with the last beers of the day, some pejibayes that have been peeled and a packet of mayonnaise will give your stomach enough strength to undertake the way back home.

if you want to drink coffee with the pejibayes, an Italian coffee maker is the most practical, because you only need to bring the coffee and in what to boil the water, which you can do in a portable gas cooker or on the grill (yes, being careful not to burn the handle of the coffee maker).