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The map pointed the way and at the same time opened another question. Just next to Calzón de Pobre was another beach, as white as the first one, but slightly more extensive.

Only a very ‘creative’ person could think of naming a beach as ‘Calzón de Pobre’ (Poor man´s underwear), I thought. My journey through Guanacaste was just beginning and I had barely heard about that spot hidden in Carrillo, less than 30 minutes from downtown El Coco.

The map pointed the way and at the same time opened another question. Just next to Calzón de Pobre was another beach, as white as the first one, but slightly more extensive. It is called Penca and the route to get to know it is challenging and intense.

Penca beach in Carrillo Guanacaste. GOPlaya.cr

On the way, some locals mentioned to me that with an automobile I could arrive ‘without problems’, but sometimes it is difficult to follow locals’ advice when it comes to road conditions.

I mean, it has happened to me often that I go down a terrible road, which tempts me to return, and right next to me passes a car so low that it hardly hits the ballast.

I needed to visit this beach and know why it is called “Poor man´s underwer”.

So I went to Calzón de Pobre y Penca with my friend Carlos, who tested his 4×4, while I was co-driver (I’m not doing very well in this facet, I must admit).

The journey is quiet until you have to turn left to enter a street of dirt and loose stone. Don’t worry about the address, in our search engine you can find the address of Google Maps and Waze to get to the beach without getting lost.

Just as we approached, you turn left and a security guard stops the vehicle to ask for your name and car plate number (VRN), then allows you to continue the journey.

You can already feel the sea breeze, that sense of plenitude that can only be reached on the beach. The other day I was writing about a scientific study that confirms that living on the beach increases happiness.

How true is that! I had not yet reached the coast and I was already smiling. There was a not inconsiderable tract missing to know two unspoiled spots. Slowly and carefully, Carlos and I enjoyed the ride.

Suddenly, the first stop appears: An idyllic viewpoint from which you can appreciate the whole beach. It is the viewpoint of Punta Cacique, beautiful and magical.

Viewpoint of Punta Cacique, Guanacaste. GOPlaya.cr

We had to stop, take some pictures and enjoy the surroundings, a tasty sandwich, before savoring the main course. Carlos flew the drone on that panoramic view and then we followed the route.

The road started to get complicated in some moments; the loose stone and the bad road conditions confirmed that Calzón de Pobre can be reached in a 4×4, in a 4×2 and, perhaps, by car, unless you are afraid of hitting the car.

But… to Penca the thing is not so simple. (I’ll tell you shortly).

Suddenly, there is a small parking space available and a path that opens wide. It’s about 700 meters walking down to the beach.

I suggest you not to leave personal valuables things in your car. Better safe than sorry and more when it comes to a spot where the vehicle is away from you are.

The trail is not rude, but a little demanding. This walk will warm your legs up and then… Calzón de Pobre will appear.

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There you can see the beach, small but beautiful, and you know what they say… great things come in small packages.

The sea is crystalline and some trees that rise from the road give you shade. This spot of white sand mixes the essence of loneliness, with the beauty that offers to approach a clean place, with a barely perceptible waves.

It was not until we flew the drone that we were able to know the reason for its name. And of course, from the heights it can be clearly seen that the beach is in the shape of “underwear”. Don’t you believe me?

Well, here’s the photo:

Calzón de Pobre beach in Guanacaste. GOPlaya.cr

We enjoyed Calzón de Pobre for a long time until we returned along the path in search of capturing Penca beach.

The journey became much more difficult. That is to say, it is exactly the same route, the difference is that after the first beach it is necessary to continue and the road conditions get worse.

In front of us came a bus that was struggling to climb a small and difficult hill, and then it was our turn. Luckily, we had no trouble (it’s a 4×4).

Again, when we arrive there is a parking lot pull over the vehicle and then it’s time to walk. Another trail, another landscape and another beach as beautiful as the first one.

This beach is a little bit bigger than Calzón de Pobre and perhaps with more shade. The sea is just crystalline and the sand is white. It is a beautiful place, that captivates any beach lover.

Penca beach in Guanacaste. GOPlaya.cr

Just in case you have any doubts, the video that appears at the beginning shows very well the essence of Penca.

It is a spot that most of the year remain alone, because the access is very complicated.

Both beaches are magical and exotic, as if to enjoy them forever… and take care of them forever. Please, do not leave garbage, keep the environment intact and take care of our paradise beaches.