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I do not want to sound creepy. Just want this words to sound curious, quirky or unique, because at the end of the day Cabuya is different.

Imagine yourself getting to a beach that during low tide sea opens wide; a rocks path shows up to lead you to the town´s island.

You can cross to the other side with water by your knees. It´s a 400 meters walk until you get to the island´s sand.

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I am not lying when I say that locals cross to the island by motorbike during low tide.

This phenomenon in Cabuya is already unusual, however there´s a fact even more uncommon. There is a graveyard in the island.

Cabuya beach in Puntarenas. GOPlaya.cr

Locals make funerals and say goodbye to their relatives who have passed away at that lonely place where you can only get by boat or during low tide. The last goodbye in the middle of the sea.

In Cabuya, most of the people are dedicated to fishing or tourism. And this makes a lot of sense because this small town is located between Cabo Blanco National Park and Montezuma.

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Maybe they have not realized how unreal can be for the regular tourists being at this small island.

It was a local fisherman who told me that I could get to the island just walking through the sea. “You´ll see dozens of tombs, some of them with stories you would never imagine. Like a couple of locals who drowned in a close beach”, he said.

Over time, locals have noticed that crossing over the other side and visit this island is an additional attraction to this place that has been a little left aside due to two popular places: Montezuma and Cabo Blanco.

Montezuma and its rasta style, waterfalls and dozens of hotels and cabins where is difficult to get vacancy. And Cabo Blanco National Park; always green and huge with a stunning beach and wild trails.

Usually Cabuya locals are paid by tourists to get them to these two places. It might be difficult for them to imagine that this island can become an attraction. Well, let me tell you that It is!

I went to visit Montezuma and Cabo Blanco, but when they told me that I could get to this island walking through the sea and visit a graveyard I just changed my mind.

Its name is Cabuya. If you are curious enough, you might remember this name.

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José Pablo Alfaro

José Pablo Alfaro

Journalist and nature lover. He likes boat trips, walking through trails and living natural experiences.