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Conozca Hotel Café Playa Negra. Sumergite en el paraíso tropical.

There is an irrefutable fact about Avellanas: Long ago, it stopped being a simple trend to turn into an obligatory visit destination. It is since the white sand can be appreciated, the surfboards and the beach, perfect and lovely.

I still remember my first time there. I left my car almost in front of the main access, after going down the street made of sand and loose stones, a typical path in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. Now it´s better than before, but that way was more worn away, hard for my 4×2 to get over. I made it and arrived just on time to enjoy the best sun of the day. It was an amazing scene. Children were playing at the shore, closely watched by their parents. I could see also families throwing a Frisbee while the dog was trying to catch it and to carry it away with him afterwards.

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Avellanas beach, Costa Rica. GOPlaya.cr

Trees leaning against the shore offering shadow to the people sunbathing in the beach, reading a book or simply enjoying the calmness provided by this location from Santa Cruz at first sight extraordinary.

Everything was going very well, “an unbeatable walk” I thought, until I came across a friend from the school who just came out of the sea with his surfboard and suggested me other three spots in the nearby.

Yes, Costa Rica is a “small town” and coming across a childhood friend it´s not surprising, maybe some of you have already lived it.

The point is that I did a half in my 4×2 car to turn my trip into a journey with four destinations: Avellanas, Lagartillo, Negra and Blanca.

If you decide to stay in Avellanas, you will not regret putting your towel on the sand to sunbathe. It ends up being a medicinal experience, which will make you come back to work renewed, without contractures and with a smile.

I will only suggest you some of the advices provided by PANI so you can make the most of the stay with your family. Take care of your children with sun protection, come along with them to the beach and watch them at every moment. In order to prevent them from losing, show them your personal data.

The only fact of being at Avellanas is worth it, but what about adding some extra surprise to your trip.

There is nothing more satisfying than arriving to a place which I didn´t know it existed, and if it´s amazing, much better.

The first beach I visited was Lagartillo. Small, lovely and with a tree with thin branches standing in front of the sea

Lagartillo beach, Guanacaste. GOPlaya.cr

Different from Avellanas, Lagartillo waits patiently for someone to go down the hard way (badly damaged) and to delight with the sunsets that can be appreciated from this spot.

I carried on my way to meet Negra. I still don´t understand why it´s called like that, since the sand is white anyways. It has a light white tone that can be noticed from the cobbled way to get there.

It´s a way surrounded by trees, which works as an entrance hall to enjoy this lovely beach, with a great presence of surfers and people who prefer privacy, silence and calmness that a not so visited destination can offer.

There is a beach an amazing that is a little bit far away from Avellanas, Blanca beach. It´s located in a place called “Junquillal”, which is starting to be popular thanks to its biodiversity and lovely/hidden beaches.

It is common to hearing monkeys swinging on the trees and at certain times of the year, you can watch the spawning of sea turtles.

In this village there is a beautiful beach, in which you´ll find parking for your vehicle by following a short path.

Negra beach, Guanacaste. GOPlaya.cr

It is a bit far away. It won´t take more than 25 minutes from Avellanas, but every single minute of way is worth it. It is a spot of white sand with the shape of half moon, surrounded by trees embracing the coast.

Here you can notice a constant feeling of both peace and harmony.

A route of four beaches to enjoy with your family. Only remember some advices provided by The PANI to make the most of your journey.

-If you´re under charge of children, avoid alcoholic drinks

-Avoid carrying on your motorbike, children younger than 5 years old

If you´re planning your trip and taking the bikes with you, then the PANI recommends this:

-Teach the children the traffic signs and the best way to travel by bike.

Blanca beach, Guanacaste. GOPlaya