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Did you know that in Costa Rica there is a local airline that allows you to travel to more than 10 beach destinations in stable and large size aircrafts?

That’s the added value of Skyway, an airline focused on safety and attention to detail, that offer to local and foreign tourists the opportunity to fly from one destination to another in larger and faster airplanes.

For this reason, GOPlaya created an alliance with Skyway airline, allowing you to buy your ticket online and receive exclusive benefits.

GOPlaya agreed a 10% discount for our community. That is, you will get 10% off when buying an air ticket through GOPlaya.

Skyway, Costa Rica.

You’ll also get another benefit: for the purchase of any ticket, GOPlaya gives you it’s best seller: Beach Towns in Costa Rica eBook.

A 350-page travel guide that will allow you to discover the 13 beach towns in Costa Rica. This eBook is for sale in  GOPlaya.cr, but you will receive it for free when booking your airline ticket online with us.

And there’s more for you! If you buy two tickets or more, you will also get for free the Tourist Safety in Costa Rica eBook. The guide for safe traveling.

That means, if you acquire two tickets, GOPlaya will give away two eBooks to help planning your trip to Costa Rica and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

You can travel to the following destinations: Drake Bay (Corcovado National Park), Liberia in Guanacaste, La Fortuna in San Carlos, Puerto Jimenez, Manuel Antonio and Quepos, Santa Teresa and Tambor, Tamarindo, Palmar Sur, Bocas del Toro (Panamá) and San José.

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Benefits of booking your ticket through GOPlaya:

1. 10% discount when buying your ticket through GOPlaya

2. Beach Towns in Costa Rica eBook for free when you buy a ticket

3. Access to exclusive promotions every week

4. If you buy two tickets or more, get two GOPlaya eBooks (Beach Towns in Costa Rica and Tourist Safety).

Do you have questions? GOPlaya has the answers

1. After buying my ticket online, what’s next?

It is very simple. If your flight departs from Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, you should go to the domestic terminal; Skyway local flights depart from there. Make sure to arrive 50 minutes before your flight.

When approaching to the domestic terminal, there will be a Skyway counter where you must check in with your passport. If you are Costa Rican citizen and will be flying to a destination within the country, you can just show your ID. Then you must wait in the waiting room and follow the signs for takeoff.

Although the Juan Santamaria airport is the most common choice, because it is the country’s largest airport, is not the only one. You will have to arrive to the airport according to the destination you’re visiting. For example, if you visited Drake Bay and want to return to the capital of Costa Rica, you will have to get to Drake Bay airport to catch your flight.

Costa Rica airlines, Skyway.

2. What are the benefits provided by Skyway compared to other local airlines in Costa Rica?

The most important thing is that every aircraft is a two turbine plane. But, what does this mean? It basically means they are larger aircrafts, allowing it to be more stable, faster and safer. They are also more comfortable because they have more space in the cabin. GOPlaya understands that travel in small planes often causes some kind of suspicion or fear. Although it is impossible that the aircraft does not move at all in case of turbulence, it is quiet and safe.

The airline has the backing of a global company: AIRTEC Global and the pilots in charge are very experienced. They fly with captain and a copilot.

3. After booking my ticket online through GOPlaya, do I have some way to confirm?

Yes! You can write to [email protected] or call to (506) 4010-0244. You should only give your name that the reservation was made with and that’s it. When booking a ticket with GOPlaya you get a 10% discount, a free eBook and also peace of mind that you can confirm your flight when you prefer.

If for some reason cannot contact Skyway do not worry: you can write to [email protected] and we can help you to confirm your flight with the airline.

4. Can I change the date of my reservation?

Yes. You can change the date of your reservation 48 hours before the flight. You can do so by email [email protected] or call (506) 4010-0244. If you decide to cancel your reservation there’s a penalty of $25.

5. How are domestic flights in Costa Rica? Are they smooth flights?

They are generally fast (20 minutes to one hour), secure and stable flights. In high season during the summer, the weather is pretty good. In September and October, in the rainy season, flights tend to move a little more because of the rain. But do not worry, in these months most flights take place during the morning to ensure the safety of tourists.

6. How does storage work?

It depends on the rate you pay. If you buy a full fare, you can take 30 lbs plus 10 lbs on hand, while promotional fares include 20 lbs plus 10 lbs on hand. For each additional pound there’s an extra charge of $2.

7. Can I bring my surfboard or travel with my pet?

Yes, you just have to pay an extra $30 per surfboard or for bringing a pet. There is a maximum weight of 30 pounds per pet. If it’s a companion dog there will be no charge or weight restriction, but you must notify the airline in advance. Remember that every pet must go in its travel crate.

8. Can I bring sports equipment?

Yes, they charge extra $30 for carrying golf clubs, bicycle or fishing rod. The bicycle must be in its travel case.

9. Can pregnant women travel?

Yes. No restrictions.

10. What is allowed for carry-on luggage?

A bag of maximum 10 pounds which can be placed under the seat.

11. Is there special fare for children?

Children have a 15% discount and those under two years do not pay.

12. What requirements must meet a child to travel?

Have a passport so there’s proof of age if they are foreign. If Costa Rican citizen just must show a birth certificate.

13. How long after booking my flight, will I receive the GOPlaya eBook?

Within 24 hours you will receive the Beach Towns in Costa Rica eBook in your email.

14. Which destinations can I travel to with Skyway?

You can travel to the following destinations: Drake Bay (Corcovado National Park), Liberia in Guanacaste, La Fortuna in San Carlos, Puerto Jimenez, Manuel Antonio and Quepos, Santa Teresa and Tambor, Tamarindo, Palmar Sur, Bocas del Toro (Panamá) and San José.

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